About Us

Transforming your home to a smart home

Transcend Home Theater/Transcend Home Systems is a technology company creating Smart Houses for those who want their home to care for them like they do their home. Transcend, founded in 2004, uses true experts with ISF certification in video calibration and HAA Level II certification in audio and room acoustics. We can build the finest theater, spread music throughout your home, giving you the finest entertainment experience. We can also make sure your garage door is closed at night, the fireplace is off, and the dog is inside.

The network is the heart of the 21st century home. We install professional level networks so your home can handle the demands of the future. We make sure you can stream movies, music.

Transcend can make your home look occupied when you are away, turn off the water when you have a leak, show you who is at the door when you are thousands of miles away.

Transcend makes your home your partner, not just your shelter.